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Skamania County Historical Society

Columbia Gorge Museum

2023/2024 Board of Directors

Mark McCormick


Mr. McCormick is a dynamic leader and contributes his time and music to the CGIM. He leads the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) Committee, and is a member of the Inside and Outside Collections Committee.

April Gilbert


Ms. Gilbert is the Board Secretary and is an important member of the Inside Collections Committee responsible for focused accessioning of donations.  

Brian Riffel


As the Treasurer, Mr. Riffel lends his expertise in non-profits and is focused on the CGIM's health and success. 

Barbara Perry


Ms. Perry is an important member of the Inside Collections Committee as well as a contributor in cleaning and organizing our collections areas.

Commissioner Tom Lannen

Commissioner Lannen is a valuable member of the Board's Finance Committee contributing direction and support for growth and stability.

Glenn Veltkamp

Mr. Veltkamp is an enthusiastic member of the Outdoor Collections Committee and has contributed many hours to the CGIM. 

Tony Lawson

Mr. Lawson is a key person in the Museum's health and success. He is a key member of the Facilities and Finance Committees.

Jesse Renville

As a member of the Outside Collections Committee, Mr. Renville's expertise in all things with engines has been valuable in the updating of our Outside Collections exhibitions. 

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