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Quarter 1 Newsletter 2024

Updated: Jun 14


Ms. Molly's Voice: Freedom & Family Spoken in Fabric

Available for Viewing: June 2nd through July 31st

The Columbia Gorge Museum is thrilled to announce the opening of a never-before displayed exhibition on June 1st featuring quilts from the Hartsfield Family Collection: Ms. Molly’s Voice: Freedom and Family Spoken in Fabric. This show features Ms. Molly, the family’s ancestor who was an enslaved woman. Ms. Molly was smart, creative, and used her quilting talents to document her life, communicate with her community, the Underground Railroad, and express unwavering love and commitment towards her family.


Her messages were understood by those who could not receive them in any other way. Ms. Molly quilted her story and passed her skills and quilts to subsequent generations to document her life, time, and place. For over 170 years, these quilts were protected by her family… and her third great grandson, Jim Tharpe, is ready to share her story with you. 

As the stories of these quilts continue to spread, Ms. Molly’s Voice is now being heard around the nation and bringing a unique perspective to one of the darkest times within American History.

This exhibition will be more than an opportunity to view historical quilt design. It's an opportunity to feel a glimpse of that love Ms. Molly had for her family along with the tragedies and hardships experienced during that time.


All are invited to experience this impactful exhibition between June 2nd at 10 a.m. and July 31st at 5 p.m.



Juneteenth Celebration: Miss Molly's Guided Tour & Quilt Making

One Day Event: June 19th @ 2pm - 4pm

This celebration will focus on creating quilt patterns in a dialogue with the patterns and skill of Ms. Molly. Additionally, you can take a guided experience through the quilt exhibition and have the opportunity to create your own family document in a quilt square. 

This is a "free with entry" event available for both members and non-members.



Basket Weaving with Chris Bush

One Time Event: June 29 @ 10am - 2pm

Chris is a lover of all things crafts, especially basket weaving. More than weaving itself, she loves sharing her knowledge of basket weaving with others. Join her in a class and you're guaranteed to leave with a completed basket and likely a love of basket weaving.

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